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Michigan Pistol Free Zone exemption classes

Governor Snyder vetoed SB59 late 2012 following the Sandy Brook shooting. Legislators had promised to introduce a new bill early in 2013. Nothing has happened to date. There are several House & Senate bills that relate to this topic and are worth keeping an eye on. 2014 HB #'s 4133, 4134, 4350, 5355 & SB #'s 572, 573, 789, 790.

Thanks for looking! If and when Pistol Free Zone legislation passes for the Michigan masses I'll post it here.

For years Michigan CPL Firearms Training has provided students with the necessary classes to obtain their Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL). We are now offering to teach all CPL holders the necessary skills to apply for their Michigan Pistol Free Zone exemption. This class is mandated to be a minimum of 9 hours long and includes range time where you will shoot at least 100 rounds. You will need your pistol, concealed carry holster, spare mags, mag pouch/speed loaders if you have one (or two), practice ammo (bring 150 rounds) and snap caps (dummy ammo) appropriate for your pistol. We also want you to wear your concealment garment, shoes adequite for rough surfaces, closed collar shirt (to keep hot brass from finding it's way down!) and a brimmed hat (baseball, cowboy, boonie, etc). Of course you will need to bring adequite eye and ear protection.

Participants please note: It is expected that you follow all firearm safety rules. For everyones safety, anyone displaying unsafe gun handling, poor muzzle control, careless finger control, negative attitudes or any other actions which create an unsafe atmosphere will be removed from the class without further obligation.

As CPL holders you will be held to a higher standard.

Class Schedule & Registration below.